Early Spring Reminders

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” 
- Leo Tolstoy
Listed below you will find the services that are best done in the early spring to get your lawn and yard ready for the growing season ahead.
Spring Clean Up - Provides aesthetic benefits, such as the removal of unsightly debris and generally providing your property with a neater appearance. A cleanup is also beneficial for promoting the healthy growth of your plants and shrubs. A proper spring cleanup can also provide health benefits for you and your family; getting rid of debris and the bacteria that may grow on it, which not only is unhealthy for your plants, it can also aggravate any allergies you and your family members may suffer from each spring.
Gutter Cleaning- Leaves and debris have piled up over the winter, it is best to clean gutters in the spring and fall to allow for proper drainage. If gutters are not cleaned it can lead to others problems such as cracked foundations, rotten wood, wood destroying insects, and washed out landscaping. It is best to clean gutters twice a year with a spring and fall cleanup.
Edging- A small trench provides a defined border around planting beds and turf borders to keep turf grass and lawn weeds such as clover from getting into your flower beds and from creeping perennial groundcover from getting into the lawn.
Weeding: Manual weeding for planting beds and mulch area.
Frequency-    Weekly           Twice a month           Monthly           As needed, will call
Pruning: Trim (tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, esp. to increase fruitfulness and growth specifically:
Early Spring Pruning (Mar, Apr)- Ornamental grasses; semi woody perennials to be cut back to about 4" to produce strong new stems and best flower display (Butterfly bush, Russian sage); broadleaf evergreens to prune out winter injured foliage (boxwood, holly firethorn), summer-flowering trees, shrubs, vines, hydrangea, and roses to remove dead, damaged, or crowded stems, shape or reduce size if desired
Dormant Oil Treatment- Control for over wintering insects and mites for all evergreens including rhododendron     Frequency- 1 Application in March
Plant Health Care- Fertilizer for perennials-                                                                               
 Frequency- 2 applications; 1st in early spring when growing begins; 2nd application 1 month later
New Lawn Installation: Spring and fall are the best times to install new lawns with seed or sod.
Don't Forget: March 1 is the due date for fertilizer pre pays, if you would like to get 5% off the total price.