Cape Cod Snow Removal & Sanding

Tired of digging yourself out this winter? 
Give us a call.  Offering Snow Removal snowplowing and sanding services for industrial parks, commercial parking lots and residential driveways.
Cooper Landscaping, Inc can set you up on a regular and dependable contract by the storm or by the inch.  No need to worry if your employees will be able to get into the parking lot after a snow storm or ice storm.
Snow Management Services 
• Snow removal services:
When we get normal winter here on Cape Cod, the snow can really pile up.  After a while, parking lots run out of space for both cars and pedestrians, causing a dangerous situation.  We have the equipment and capability to not just push the snow around, but actually remove it from your property.
• Sanding Services:
We offer sanding services for your commercial or residential property.  Sanding is good for ice storms, a small amount of wet snow or a deep freeze after a brief thaw during the day.
• Commercial and Residential Snow Plowing:
We can create a schedule to make sure your parking lot is clean all day, once a storm is finished.  We have smaller equipment that allow us to take care of your personal driveway.